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Aviation Electrical Supplies - Safety and Compliance Provisions for Aircraft Ground Support Power Supplies The purpose of the Code is to provide practical guidance for the effective management of risk arising from the interface of the New Zealand MEN electrical system and the (dissimilar) power systems of aircraft in the aviation environment. The Code is applicable to both existing and future converter technologies and with current and future aircraft. The supporting risk assessment is intended to provide a basis for assessing the risk from and prioritising remedial work on existing power systems found not to comply with the Code.
Link to a Safety Consultant's website listing a number of safety presentations, videos and posters all available free. Great information that can be used "as is" or adapted into information fit for any organisation.
Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand - Category Regulator
UK Aviation Ground Safety Council - Category Ramp Safety
European Aviation Group for Occupational Heatlh and Safety organisation - Category OH&S
Ground Handling International magazine (UK) - Category Ramp Safety
General Wiki information relating to Aviation Safety
Website of the IATA Airside Safety Group.
The UK Civil Aviation Authority has an excellent publication on Airside Safety Management. Type CAP 642 into their search engine.
The Directline articles on the Aviation Safety Reporting System include passenger safety, ramp safety and jet blast.
Explore their publications section on ramp accident surveys and apron safety.
An informative site with the latest aviation news, NTSB information, accident reports, safety precautions and easy access to aviation lawyers.
A comprehensive resource for articles on ground safety. Select Magazine Features - Article Archives and type in AAGSC, Airside or Safety into their search engine.
The UK Health and Safety Executive offer an excellent resource for health and safety standards. Type in airport, aircraft or turnaround in their search engine.
The Flight Safety Foundation publishes comprehenisve papers on Airport Operations ranging from runway incursions and animal hazards to back injuries and evacuations using aerobridges.
Helpful link to the regulator
Offering hundreds of safety videos that assist in safety training for all employees.
Maintenance And Ramp Safety Society. A non-profit society dedicated to reducing aviation human error.
Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group
FAA Debris AC FAA advisory circular - Debris Hazards at Civil Airports.
FOD Prevention Inc. An informative FOD site.
FOD Control Corp Commercial FOD site - sweepers, magnets, etc.
Boeing Aeromagazine Boeing article on FOD.
The one that got away. It would be funny if it wasn't true (ASRS Directline). Link updated 03/03/2010
GammonTech's site For articles, click on 'Product Info' then 'The GamGrams' .
Refuelling Safety UK Health & Safety Executive quantified risk assessment on aircraft refuelling operations.
Grounding versus bonding. For nearly 50 other articles on fuelling practices and hardware have a look at Gammontech's site.