As part of our drive to develop safety material focused on a series of core areas of safety management, we have created new information packages dealing with relevant aspects of ramp safety.

These packages contain a series of documents, posters, PowerPoint presentations and videos to help train staff and assist in risk assessment.

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Circle of Safety
The Circle of Safety is the AAGSC’s second quarter 2012 safety initiative. The package includes - Circle of Safety stickers (members can request these from the Chairperson) Circle of Safety poster Circle of Safety powerpoint presentation Don’t walk between dollies Recommended Industry Practice (RIP) 24 – Circle of Safety

Safety around Aircraft Refuelling
The package includes the following: * AAGSC Fuelling Safety * AAGSC Fuelling hazard card * Refuelling hazard poster * Vapour (wmv) * RIP 22

Manual Handling Training
Pristine Aviation provide Manual Handling solutions for all areas of aviation.

A Handful of Seconds
This training package contains a short video and two posters relating to speeding on the tarmac. A must view for anyone involved with ramp safety.

Safety Interaction
The training package contains a PowerPoint presentation as well as recommended Safety Interaction (Observation) forms and processes The objectives of efficient Safety Interactions are - * Identify where an injury or damage event may occur before it happens and correct it * Find people doing things right

Fuel Vapor Safety
This package includes:- * Refuelling Hazard Poster * Risk Assessment * Toolbox Starter Questions * Instructional Video (Please note that the contents of this zip file will need to be extracted once downloaded)