The Council issues Lessons Learned from time to time which may be of value to industry bodies. Copies of these notices are listed below.

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Safety Alert Notice master document

Forklift incident
Alert provided by Bluescope of Near Miss involving forklift.

Airside Safety Alert - Passenger Safety August 2016
This Information Alert has been produced to provide guidance on the facilitation of safe passenger movements on the apron.

Airside Safety Alert - Minimum PPE
This Safety Alert is issued to inform the Adelaide Airport community of the minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements when accessing airside.

Aircarft engine ingestion profile
Document showing aircraft engine ingestion areas.

AAGSC Safety Bulletin - Unrestrained curtains or doors
Recent safety event occurred resulting in significant damage to AKEs and airport infrastructure. The root cause was due to empty ULD’s (AKEs) being transported in baggage make up areas with curtains and metal doors not closed and secured.

AAGSC Safety Bulletin - Severe Weather Precautions
This safety information notice is provided to increase awareness in relation to severe weather and especially strong winds and thunderstorms. In approaching summer we are moving into a period when severe weather is more prevalent increasing the potential of injury to personnel and damage to equipment/aircraft.

AAGSC Safety Bulletin - Serviceability of Aircraft Pallet Nets
The aircraft pallet net is subject to certification and damage limitations in a manner similar to that of ULDs. The aspects listed in the section below must be checked when assessing whether an aircraft pallet net is acceptable for use.

AAGSC Safety Bulletin - Dolly Lock Fault
Recently there have a number of AKE containers due to faulty/worn locks falling from dollies whilst being towed. The wear in the locks enables the AKE to move within the locks and then dislodge from the lock. It is primarily the older type LD3/LD8 dollies that are prone to this fault.