The Council issues Safety Information Notices from time to time which may be of value to industry bodies. Copies of these notices are listed below.

Document Link
Safety Alert Notice master document

Safety Alert Hydro Tow bars
This Alert is advise that cracks have been found around the tow eye of two Hydro A319 and A320C tow bars.

NT Plane & Simple
July edition of NT Plane & Simple

Lightning strike
11 second video clip showing lightning strike of aircraft while on ground being serviced. 3 things to note - storm cell approx 5Nm from aircraft, strike to tail exits aircraft at nose gear and strikes metal pit lid on tarmac as best earth, pit lid flies through the air landing next to the baggage belt loader.

Forklift incident
Alert provided by Bluescope of Near Miss involving forklift.

aircraft-ground equipment collisions
Slide pack from SAS on the potential for collisions between ground handling equipment and aircraft, what they did to prevent.

Aircarft engine ingestion profile
Document showing aircraft engine ingestion areas.