Vale Norman W Hogwood
Principal AeroGround Safety Services Ltd

It is with deep regret to inform the aviation industry about the sudden loss of aviation ground safety legend and godfather, Mr Norman (Norm) Hogwood who sadly passed on Sunday 11th February 2018 at the age of 82. Norm was born in the United Kingdom 10 March 1935 and later migrated to New Zealand in May 1961.

Norm had 41 outstanding years of service and an amazing career with Air New Zealand and retired in 2002 (27 of those years were spent in the Safety Department). Norm was a founding and active member of several major aviation committee’s paving the way for the future in aviation ground safety.

  • Member of the US National Safety Council International Air Transport Executive Committee (ARTEX) since 1975. General Chairman 1988-1990
  • Founding Member of the Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council (AAGSC) since 1982 up until current. Chairman 1982-1991 (In 1998 the AAGSC won the prestigious Flight Safety Foundation/Air BP Ramp Safety Award)
  • Founder Member New Zealand Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (NZDGATC) since 1992. Chairman 1992-1995
  • Recipient of the inaugural Ground Services Safety Award presented by the US magazine GSE Today 2001
  • May 2003, appointed to the steering committee of the Flight Safety Foundation’s Ground Accident Prevention project

Norm will be remembered for so many more things. Norm was one of the seven AAGSC safety men that met in the TAA office back in 1982 to form the AAGSC. Until Norm’s passing, he continued to drive the AAGSC agenda and mentor current members. One of Norm’s classic terms was equating a narrow body aircraft hold as a mining pit (dark, damp and cramped) which was so true.

Norm enjoyed his aviation friendships and continued to have a strong interest in all matters aviation. He wrote a number of articles for aviation magazines, particularly GHI. He also became a major driving force in the fight against FOD and its huge costs to international aviation – he was given the nickname FODMAN which endured until his death. He will never be forgotten for his achievements and just for being Norm. Rest in peace Norm, thank you for all you’ve achieved and shared with us all, you’ll always be in our memories.

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2018 Safety Award - Call for Nominations

Purpose of Award:
There are many people and companies that make some outstanding contributions to improvements in Ground Safety and the AAGSC would like to recognize this and show these contributions to the industry so that all can learn from these initiatives.

This award recognizes outstanding contribution and significant improvement in ramp safety through innovation and implementation of new methods, practices or policies.

The Nomination should address the following criteria:
1. Nominee or group’s outstanding or significant contribution to the aviation ramp safety environment.
2. The specific ways the nominee’s contribution to safety was made beyond the responsibilities of the normal position requirements.
3. Estimated effect on ramp safety directly or indirectly attributed to nominee’s contribution to the aviation ramp environment.
4. How have these contributions affected others (working in the same environment) toward the attainment of higher safety objectives?

Nominations are to be submitted by:
Deadline: 30th September 2018

Nominations should be submitted with as much supporting documentation as possible. Please included photos where possible.
All material will remain confidential and will be returned to the nominator if requested.

Click here to download a Nomination form

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2014 Safety Award Winner - Air New Zealand Amenities Team Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

Most of us have the experience of travelling on aeroplanes and are impressed by the cleanliness and orderliness of the cabin; this is the result of the hard work from behind the scene by the dedicated cabin cleaners.

Aircraft cabin cleaning is a unique type of cleaning work characterised by a high concentration of physical activities with both time and space restrictions. This high risk activity for cleaners can result in musculoskeletal injuries. Of the injuries sustained by our cleaners, data clearly showed manual handling of blankets was a significant hazard.

Blanket management on board the aircraft involves collecting used blankets and distributing clean blankets – both of which requires manual handling, sometimes up to 350 blankets per aircraft and there could be 15-18 aircraft turns per shift.

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Interactive Ground Safety Toolkit has been released!

The AAGSC has just released an Interactive Ground Safety toolkit DVD to provide a Safety Information Overview for the ground support industry. This DVD is now available for purchase.


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