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The AAGSC was originally known as the Australasian Airline Ground Safety Council and was a spin-off from a similar organisation, the Australasian Airline Flight Safety Council (AAFSC), formed in 1980 by the Safety Managers of Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Trans-Australia Airlines, and Ansett Airlines.

While an exploratory meeting between Ground Safety personnel of those airlines took place in March 1982, the first meeting proper was held in September of that year. Norman Hogwood of Air New Zealand was elected Chairman and it was agreed that meetings would be held quarterly, hosted by the member airlines in rotation. It was further agreed that the core business of the Council would be those activities pertaining to the airport ramp and terminal operations.

In 1983 the Council was expanded to five members when East West Airlines joined and, in line with the policy of the AAFSC, the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Air Force were also offered membership which both accepted.

The nature of the Council’s business agendas quickly identified the need to expand membership further by including those organisations who share the same airport working environment. Thus it was that membership was opened to fuel companies, catering companies and handling agencies.

Progressively, it had become custom to invite representatives from the major airport companies in the region to attend meetings in the capacity of invited guests and by 1997 it had become clear that, due to the evolution of the aviation industry and the far-reaching legislation changes taking place, the Council’s membership policy should be changed to allow airports to become full members.

The seven men of the safety council taken at the first AAGSC meeting held in Auckland in 1983.
Standing  - Olly Ojczyk (Ansett), Bruce (East- West), Bob Burdon (Qantas) and John Edwards (TAA).
Seated - Dennis O'Brien, Vince Moroney and Norm Hogwood (all Air New Zealand)

This was agreed to and the name was changed to the Australasian Aviation Ground Safety Council.

The AAGSC Charter calls for an administrative Executive comprising Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer, Education Officer, and Membership Officer. Terms of office are two years with the possibility of re-election.

As at mid-2010 the position of Chairperson has been held by the following personnel –

  • 1982 - 1991 Norman Hogwood (Air New Zealand)

  • 1992 - 2001 Ulrich Ojczyk (Ansett Airlines)

  • 2002 - Mid 2007 Mark Farrar (Sydney Airports Corporation)

  • Mid 2007 - 2009 Chris Barber (Qantas Airways)

  • 2010 - Kevin Taylor (Cobham)

THE Original AAGSC Charter




The Council is a voluntary organisation open to membership as determined by the majority of representatives of the member Airlines who are, as at February 1987:

  • Air New Zealand

  • Ansett Airlines of Australia

  • Qantas Airways Ltd

  • Australian Airlines

  • East-West Airlines

Member airlines will appoint their representatives to the Council.

The Council will select and appoint a Chairman from its members, and the term of that position shall-be agreed to by the majority of members.

Council meetings will be held quarterly, preferably in February, May, August and November, at venues decided by members. Invitations to representatives from non-member organisations to attend such meetings shall be issued by the Chairman and only with the agreement of all members. Such non-member representatives shall attend meetings in an observer capacity only.

The Council will provide a forum for the open exchange of ground safety related data in an endeavour to achieve and maintain the highest standards of overall safety in the operations of the member airlines.

The Council will encourage communication on ground safety matters and work to further the causes of safety education within the industry.

The Council may, after taking into consideration the policies and wishes of the member airlines, recommend, formulate and pursue ground safety policies and practises relating to operational standards within the industry. However, any such recommended policy or practise will not be binding on any member airline.

Any Council member may, but only after deliberation by and upon full agreement of all other members, represent the Council at any appropriate industry function.

Air New Zealand 

Ansett Airlines of Australia

QANTAS Airways Ltd

Australian Airlines 

East-West Airlines

( N.W. Hogwood )

(J.E. Edward's)

(U. Ojczyk )

(R.P. Burdon)

(H.F. Franz)

Airline Group receives Ramp Safety Award 1998

Members of the Air New Zealand group have been recognised for their efforts in maintaining high safety standards in the airport ramp environment.

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