Keith Butler - Acting Chairperson AAGSC

A belated Happy New Year to you all!

Even though I retired from Menzies Aviation at Christmas, I was asked to Chair the Auckland meeting as no replacement has been appointed yet.

My hip replacement was on 14 Jan, so I was able to get there complete with a crutch & limp, albeit being chauffeured by Sarah Kane (ex Vice Chair & my replacement at Menzies).

The Executive Team prepared a great Agenda & it was good to see an attendance of around 20.

Our Treasurer, Brett Eaton presented on a fuel overspill issue that occurred recently at ADL & gave a useful reminder of the precautions and what is available to prevent such incidents if they occur.

Trevor Hamblin gave an interesting presentation on the proposed updates to the Air NZ owned Aerobridges at AKL.

Roger Pokura from Air NZ presented on the AAGSC Safety Award 2014 winning entry – the aisle blanket collection & delivery trolley. He gave an insight into the consultation & research that occurred between the project team and Aircraft Engineers. That research included looking at the current Lost Time Injuries received by staff manhandling the blankets. After inception, that number has reduced considerably, so a great safety improvement.

The Airside visit was changed at the last minute to a tour of the new Air NZ Dreamliner.

It was decided that each meeting would have a ‘theme’. The theme for the next meeting at MEL on 12th May 2015 – Adverse weather and environment challenges

In the absence of an appointed Chairperson, it appears I am to be looking after things on an on-going temporary basis, so looks like I will see you there!

For more information on this and the rest of the contents of the meeting, please go onto the Members Area.

A very special thanks to Catherine for her efforts locally in pulling the meeting together, including some last minute Agenda changes. A further thanks to Air NZ for hosting the meeting and Auckland Airport for providing the venue.

Send your agenda items to catherine.giles@airnz.co.nz

Keith Butler